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Partners in Torah Collaborates with DateNight for Record- Breaking Virtual Speed Dating Events
September 1, 2023
By DateNight

In a world where forming meaningful connections can often be a daunting experience, Partners in Torah, in collaboration with DateNight, orchestrated two monumental virtual speed dating events in August 2023. These events were held in honor of Tu B'Av, often referred to as the Jewish Valentine’s Day, and marked an extraordinary success, resulting in the formation of hundreds of compatible matches.

One of the pivotal contributors to the triumph of these events was the invaluable support and endorsement from Aliza Ben Shalom, a well-known figure from the Jewish matchmaking show on Netflix. Aliza Ben Shalom played a crucial role by creating a captivating pre-event YouTube video. In this video, she shared valuable tips and insights for participants, generating a wave of excitement and anticipation among those eager to take part.

The speed dating events effectively demonstrated their prowess in forging meaningful connections, opening up opportunities for individuals who might not have crossed paths otherwise. Here's a glimpse of the event's astounding statistics:

The resounding success of these events can be attributed to the efficient matchmaking process, which not only saved participants time but also provided them with the chance to meet new people. The platform proudly boasts a remarkable 50% success rate in finding a match, surpassing many other dating platforms. Furthermore, participants who attended multiple events significantly enhanced their chances of finding a compatible partner, with an astonishing 90% success rate for those who attended three events.

To ensure the lasting success of these matches, DateNight conducts thorough follow-ups with participants through a feedback survey. The results have been exceptionally promising, cementing the effectiveness of their approach.

Looking ahead, Partners in Torah and DateNight are poised to deepen their collaboration by seamlessly integrating the speed dating platform into their ongoing offerings. This innovative step presents an exciting opportunity for individuals to access both matchmaking and Bible learning services within a single, cohesive ecosystem.

Are you interested in becoming a partner and expanding the horizons of your community's dating possibilities? Reach out to us today - we are passionate about kindling love and helping it flourish!